Unravelling The DNA Of Architectural Trends

Given the size of our planet and the population that it holds, there should be no surprise that trends in architecture run by the residential architects in Chennai the whole gamut. From tiny homes that make use of every inch of dead space to houses specially build to accommodate the elderly, the fads in architecture are many. Out of these numerous design craze, there is one that underlies them all.

When you unravel the architectural trends of 2019, you notice that every step is taken towards green homes. Sustainability has become an urgent matter, and architects have stepped up their game. More of them are eschewing non-renewable resources and looking towards employing recycled material to design and construct buildings.

Homes are being built using technology to endure higher productivity, better efficiency, and lesser wastage. Large scale construction projects are utilising strategies that lower carbon footprint during and after building. Renovation and rehabilitation of spaces have taken the forefront rather than demolition and new construction.

Zero-energy homes and energy-positive buildings have become the war cry of architecture. While the goal is rooted in eco-friendly structure, aesthetics, and beauty are never far behind when it comes to architecture.


Infographic provided by: https://www.dwellion.in/

Infographic Source: https://www.dwellion.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565690285.jpeg

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