Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

More than 40% of online entrepreneurs are moved and aware of making videos for business. Not only creating, but they also market it through various channels.

We often meet there are various kinds of business videos that are spread on the internet, also through social media that we use. Whether it’s advertisements, how-to videos, web series, tutorials, and other explainer videos, some are animated, and some are live-action videos.

2020, a good year for you to quickly set a video marketing strategy. Supported by several channels that increasingly facilitate the presence of a video:

  1.  Video for SEO websites: Google tends to prefer crawling website content with video than content that is only in the form of text and images.
  2. YouTube can bring you leads: YouTube is the largest video platform. Later, this channel can be monetized and can bring you closer to the audience. By creating exciting and lightweight video content, you can attract more target markets.
  3. More video-friendly on social media features: Instagram with IGTV, Facebook with Story, TikTok, and others. It indulges you in existing on social media platforms through video content.

If you already have a video, then what is the best way to spread it? The following infographic by Breadnbeyond will answer all your questions about the video marketing strategy:


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