Water Conservation : Conserve it, Store it, or Perish without it

Our growing concern about the declining availability of fresh water is becoming more urgent day by day. To help increase awareness and understanding of the critical issues surrounding water conservation and usage, we have created an infographic.

Water is an essential resource for human civilization and all terrestrial ecosystems. Despite covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, only a small fraction (2.5%) of this vast expanse is freshwater, which is crucial for our planet’s biodiversity, agriculture, and survival. As the global population grows to 7.8 billion, the demand for this scarce resource has reached unprecedented levels.

The situation is particularly alarming in the United States, where our consumption rate is much higher than most of the world. The average American family consumes an astounding 300 gallons of water per day, a stark contrast to the global average, highlighting America’s significant impact on the world’s freshwater resources.

This excessive usage is not limited to domestic consumption but extends to the agricultural, industrial, and commercial sectors, which also heavily draw from a limited supply.


Infographic Source: https://www.nationalstoragetank.com/blog/water-conservation-infographic-national-storage-tank/

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