When students spend an extensive amount of time outside of the classroom – such as during the summer months – it can lead to a loss of learning gains that, in effect, undoes some of the progress they have made during the school year. When this loss happens specifically in the summer, it is often called “summer slide.” In reading and writing, not attending school during the summer can lead to as much as three months’ worth of learning loss. One solution to this problem is to have students attend classes year-round so they don’t have these long stretches away from the classroom. For many, this is impractical or undesirable. In these instances, there are other ideas to try to keep students engaged and prevent learning loss. Some of these ideas include providing reading lists with incentives for students to complete, writing prompts to keep them thinking creatively, and journaling exercises to preserve their summer memories in written form.

Ways to combat summer slide in reading

Infographic Source: https://choosetwine.com/ways-to-combat-summer-slide-in-reading/