Web Accessibility – Disabilities Statistics in the U.S.A – Infographic

With over 26% of the American population (2 in 5 individuals aged 65 and above) having some type of disability, one would expect them to access the web/digital content one way or the other.

Users with visual impairment will primarily access the web with assistive technologies such as screen readers, those with difficulty walking will access the web relying primarily on the keyboard and text-to-speech. One must also provide accommodations for 5.9% of the US population with difficulty hearing who access web content through captions provided in your multimedia and accommodations such as screen magnifiers, possibility to highlight links and headers for those with cognitive impairments.

With the ADA and Section 508 lawsuits growing in geometric progression over the last couple of years, it is no longer an option to design digital content to be accessible to users of all abilities, including those who access the content with the help of assistive technologies.


Infographic Source: https://www.whoisaccessible.com/guidelines/section-508/

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