Wet Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

It is really difficult to choose between wet cleaning and dry cleaning. And with plethora of options available, it becomes extremely difficult to select the best professional cleaning service to get your clothes cleaned. You should learn the differences between these two forms of cleaning to decide the best one for cleaning your clothes.

What is Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning?

Before we differentiate between the two, let us learn what exactly the processes are:

  • Wet Cleaning: The process of wet cleaning is quite similar to laundry you do at home using water, soaps, detergents, and bleaches. The only benefit of hiring professional wet cleaning service is that your clothes get cleaned artfully by the professionals.
  • Dry Cleaning: The process of dry cleaning uses liquid solvents instead of water to remove stains from the clothes. The liquid solvents don’t penetrate the fabric, thereby preventing expansion and shrinking of clothes.
    Now, let us go through this info-graphic to understand the difference between the two:

Best Method to Clean your Clothes

The cleaning method you select depends on multiple factors like the type of fabric, origin of stain, and of course your personal preferences. Professional cleaners like Fox Cleaners can help you select the best method for cleaning your clothes and offer various benefits:

  • It costs 0.87 cents per load for laundry at home. Most people do 9024 loads at an average in their lifetime. They can save their efforts and money by hiring professional cleaning services.
  • Professional cleaning services are experienced enough to handle those tough stains easily.
  • Professional cleaning services make the best efforts to clean the clothes properly.

If you are hiring professional cleaning services like Fox Cleaners, you can stay assured for removal of those tough stains that might consume a lot of efforts if cleaned at home. Fox Cleaners even provides free pickup and delivery service at comfort of your home.


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