What Are Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients (also known as phytochemicals) might seem like a big word that is hard to understand but it is actually quite simple! Phyto means plant and nutrients mean things that provide nourishment to keep you healthy. This means phytonutrients are the naturally occurring chemicals that make fruits and vegetables the way they are and make them good for you! Phytochemicals determine the appearance, aroma, and flavor of fruits and vegetables.

Each color in a fruit or vegetable is a phytochemical. You are naturally drawn to colorful foods because your body thrives on these nutrients.

A plant’s phytochemistry creates pure, sweet, or refreshing smells in fruits and vegetables.

Miraculous phytonutrition determines whether a fruit or vegetable is sweet, sour, crips, soft, or anything else. When you bite into a nutritious fruit or vegetable you are tasting phytonutrients!

All of these wonderful characteristics that we see, smell, and eat are built from different combinations of phytochemicals. Fruits and vegetables provide the vital chemistry your body needs to defend and repair itself!

What Are Phytonutrients

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