What are the Types of Asbestos Removalists?

Improperly dealing with asbestos isn’t a good thing, that’s why we need a professional help in terms of getting rid of these harmful materials. If you have discovered asbestos in your home or business property, it is best to seek help from the Melbourne asbestos removal experts. Removing asbestos without proper training and equipment might pose different health risks, and thus lead to a lethal ailments.

There are two types of Licensed Asbestos Removalists. The A-Class Asbestos Removalists, and the B-Class Asbestos Removalists. Both are eligible to perform a professional asbestos removal work. However, there are still differences pertaining to the scope of the work, whether the amount of the asbestos that are allowed to be removed, the types of asbestos, or the method of removal itself.

Here’s an infographic that will provide you an in-depth explanation about the types of Licensed Asbestos Removalists brought to you by AWARE, an Asbestos Removal company in Melbourne.


Infographic Source: https://aware1.com.au/what-are-the-types-of-asbestos-removalists/

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