What Causes Elderly People to Fall

Older adults are often subject to noticeable changes in their bodies brought by aging. Persons around the age of 65 may experience poor eyesight and hearing, making them less sensitive and aware of their surroundings. This became one of the reasons why older people are more likely to sustain physical injuries from accidents such as slipping and falling. Previous studies also suggested that falls are the leading causes of injuries and even death among seniors.
Aside from the natural effects of aging, specific medicines that are commonly consumed by elderly people are also known to trigger fall accidents. Medications for treating sleep problems, depression, and high blood pressure can minimize the body’s ability to balance, hence making the feet unsteady and more prone from either slipping or falling.

In case you wanted to protect yourself or a loved one from this kind of accident, one of the best options you have is to hire an experienced caregiver. Live-in caregivers are capable of assisting the elderly when it comes to personal care and accomplishing household chores, as well as watching over them to make sure that they are safe from any risks that can cause fall accidents.

There are other factors the can prompt elderly people to fall. Read the infographic below by Euro-American Connections and Homecare to learn more:


Infographic Source: https://www.homecare4u.com/2020/07/what-causes-elderly-people-to-fall-infographic/

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