What Makes a Good Streamer

It’s no secret that broadcasting is now much easier with the improvement of wireless connection, creation of streaming platforms, and production of cheap equipment. But aside from having great equipment, achieving success in live streaming requires a lot of effort, planning, and discipline. A key factor for the success of top streamers lies beyond purchasing shiny new equipment.

During interviews, most successful streamers credit their success to the hundreds or thousands of hours practicing to be great at what they do and making sure to stream on a consistent schedule. After all, viewers see these streamers as experts in their own fields and their streams like television shows they can tune in at specific days and times, no matter how these streamers are feeling.

But how did these streamers build a strong fan base?

We at Flux Panda were curious as well so we decided to do our research and compile the common denominator among the most successful streamers of 2021.


Infographic Source: https://www.fluxpanda.com/blog/good-streamer

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