What Makes Bhopal The Perfect Tourist Destination

Those of you who are interested in exploring the culture of India and its various hidden treasures have often been advised to visit Bhopal. Are you wondering what makes Bhopal such a favourable choice that it has been recommended so many times?


Well once you get to know the treasures that Bhopal has in store for you, you will definitely want to visit this city at least once. If you are looking for a nice place to stay, then noor us sabah palace bhopal would be the perfect place to make arrangements for your accommodation. Here are some of the key points that will help you in understanding why Bhopal is the perfect tourist destination for all:

  1. The Bhimbetka Caves: Located just an hour away from Bhopal are the Bhimbetka caves. These are rock shelters that have paintings dating back to many centuries, even during the time of the prehistoric man! These paintings show the life of the early man, their festivities and even daily activities. The most interesting part about these rock shelters is that they were discovered by accident! You can easily book a car from Bhopal and spend the entire day at Bhimbetka exploring more than 40 caves or so and the paintings that they showcase.
  2. The Sanchi Stupa: Again, if you book a car from the city and travel a few kilometres you will reach Sanchi. It is the home of the famous Sanchi stupa, where the last remains of the Gautama Buddha are believed to have been buried by the great Indian emperor Asoka. It was a part of Asoka’s plan to spread the message of Buddhism all across the country as well as the neighbouring countries. It is considered to a pilgrimage site for Buddhists all across the world. You can easily take a day trip from Bhopal, explore the Sanchi Stupa with your own eyes and then come back to the city by twilight!
  3. The Upper Lake: One of the star attractions of Bhopal is the Upper Lake. Built by the founder of Bhopal, Raja Bhoja, this artificial lake is one of the greatest recreational spots in the middle of this busy city. It is the perfect place to turn to, if you want to enjoy some water sports and spend a relaxing time by the waters of the lake. You can very easily travel from hotel noor us sabah bhopal to here, since it is very centrally located.
  4. The Van Vihar National Park: If it is the flora and fauna that you like, then you can spend some time amongst nature in the Van Vihar National Park. Home to various species of birds and animals, you will definitely have a fun time over here.
  5. The Bhojpur Temple: If you want to witness the largest Shiva Linga with your very own eyes then you can travel to the Bhojpur temple which was built during the 11th The interesting fact about this architecture is that it is incomplete!

So from history of the prehistoric man to the bounty of nature, you will be able to explore all when in Bhopal, which makes it the perfect tourist destination for all!

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