Wheel Alignment – The Ultimate Guide

Imagine the scenario where your car gets a mind of its own and drives according to its own wishes. It no longer takes orders from you. You are losing control of your own car.

Sounds crazy and nightmarish, right? But it is not.

It is exactly what happens when the wheel alignment or tyre alignment of your car is improper.  It can lead to disastrous consequences. It can create severe safety issues for you and your family’s well-being on the road. The right wheel alignment facilitates safe driving and prolongs the life of your vehicle’s tyres.

Now, we don’t need any major accidents to be the only cause for misalignment of wheels. These can happen when your car hits potholes, gets into minor accidents, unruly road conditions as well as if your driving habits are not proper.
Apart from safety, improper wheel alignment will create a host of headaches for you like increased spending due to high fuel  consumption or since the tyre tread wears of faster you shell out more in getting tyres replaced ahead of time. These are some of the problems that you might face if this one core component of wheel service / tyre service is not taken into consideration.

This infographic helps you understand the what, how and why of wheel alignment so that when you visit a wheel shop or tyre shop near you for any purpose, you get your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked for longer running life of your tyres and vehicles.


Infographic Source Url: http://www.eagletyres.com.au/blog/wheel-alignment-an-often-overlooked-necessity/

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