The first-ever tourist started to roam the world was Ciriaco De’ Pizzicolli of Ancona in the 15th century. Ciriaco, also known as Cyriacus, is an Italian merchant and humanist who went to a voyage worldwide searching for the Mediterranean’s Classical past. Understanding their culture from the buildings, sculptures, and inscriptions made by their ancestors fulfills his interest in antiquity.

The journey that Pizzicolli started is now a massive part of the global economy’s growth – which is currently recognized as tourism. Inspired by Cyriacus’ peregrination, Thomas Cook arranged the first tour package that he eventually utilized and booked 570 people to travel from Loughborough to Leicester. He called his bureau as Thomas Cook and Son who became successful after his first leisure trip in 1841. After four years, Thomas conducted the first trip abroad as he sent a group from Leicester to Calais.

Sad to say, the company fell into demise after its 178 years of reigning in the tourism industry.

Nonetheless, the sector continuously glowing in the economic globalization. That is not only for Western countries but also for Asian realms to become known to tourists and future travellers.

Tagaytay, one of the Philippines’ pride, is not an exception from these visitors from other countries visiting the city. Since the municipality has cold and homey weather and various scenic areas that provide serenity to an individual – even local citizens are enchanted by Tagaytay’s beauty.

Howbeit, many are asking when the right time to go to Tagaytay is?

Several tourists are thrilled about going to a place where festivals, lots of sale promotions, and any other events that will add up to the wonder of the place they are going to visit.

Fret not, because the cosy Staycation Tagaytay, the best staycation in Tagaytay, created an infographic for you, with all the details of when is the best time to visit the wonders of Tagaytay:


Infographic Source: https://staycationtagaytay.com/when-to-go-to-tagaytay/

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