Which Office Personality Are You?

A personality is what sets us apart, whether it be loud, quiet, introvert or extrovert. In the workplace it’s important to have a team that bring different energies and qualities. It’s not to say there won’t be personality clashes, but overall it’s great to see an office with an array of people to bring differences to the work place.

No matter the personality you have, you’ll be known for this trait. It could be the funny one, the tea maker, the one with the loud laugh. Whatever it is, it shows your individuality and that one thing that people notice about you.

Working together within a team of mixed personalities brings various skills, strengths and weaknesses, therefore making a strong team which can adjust to any situation and help others in the team grow and adapt.

Check out our top 6 office offenders and see if you can find who you are:


Infographic Source: https://www.rapind.com/office-personalities-inforgraphic

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