Why College Students Drop Out

This infographic explains the reasons why college students drop out.

The idea of dropping out of college can arise for various reasons. Some students can be overwhelmed or need to interrupt their studying because of physical or mental health problems. In this section, we will look at the most important reasons why students can drop out early. There are some main reasons:

1. Not able to Meet Academic Requirements

Usually, students are not ready for the heavy workload of college. Even those students who had high grades in high school have some trouble with college tasks. You’ll be shocked looking at the statistics.

2. Lack of Financial Resources

A lot of students struggle because they don’t have enough financial resources. More than 35% of all students experience financial difficulties in college. Therefore, many students start working, even full-time. So, there is not enough time for academic exercises and mental health. Except for tuition, there are some other issues: accommodation, study materials, food questions, and additional expenses. By the way, some young people already have families and must take care of them.

3. Time Management Problems

Do all of us perfectly manage our time? It’s a number one goal to create a habit of good time management in our life. When we leave our home place to college (in most cases, it’s the first time so far from home and parental control) we are left to ourselves and no one controls us over what, when, and how we do (this applies to all – waking time, diet, academic exercises, etc.). Students face the temptation to misuse their time and live their lives while avoiding complications. As a result, serious health problems (lack of sleep, anxiety, overfatigue) and academic achievements (debts) may appear.

4. College Life Struggles

Adjusting socially to a new environment is a very important skill and it’s not so easy. Going to college is a period when your surroundings change and new faces appear in your life, too. Even very popular in high school students become newcomers in college and need time to adapt. So it’s necessary to create new relationships and make new friends.

5. Thriving Job Market

The global market is raising, and the job market tries to keep up with the times and meets its requirements. Students want to earn money right now, despite of bad influence of work on their academic achievements. This argument becomes especially convincing because of all the trials young people face. Over 31% of college students prefer financial stability to quality education.

6. Changes in Personal Life

Personal circumstances are one of the most powerful arguments to quit college. Anything can happen and no one is safe from it. These situations are often unpredictable.

Getting a higher education is an important step in anybody’s professional life. Having obtained a diploma, it will be easier to find a high-paying job, get a promotion, and become a successful person. That’s why dropping out of college can be a tough decision.

Of course, dropping out of college is not the end of the story. A lot of other opportunities are available. You can always return to college later in your life. However, elimination is not the most optimal scenario, as the whole procedure takes a lot of time and effort.


Infographic Source: https://ivypanda.com/blog/dropping-out-of-college-why-how-and-what-to-do-after/

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