Why People Lift Their Homes

It might seem crazy but there are several occasions where homeowners choose to lift their homes. Not just for flood reasons either. House lifting is a totally safe and secure practice when undertaken by a professional company. Specialist heavy equipment allow the house to be lifted a few inches at a time, with minimal, if any damage. While the houses most likely to be lifted are those in flood risk areas, there are other occasions people choose to lift their homes too.

A problem homeowners often face is lack of space. The decision to move is not always easy, with many choosing extensions, loft conversions, and even adding a new floor! In fact adding a new floor by lifting the house is not always more expensive than adding a whole new extension. Equally another way to add more space is with a basement, or by extending a crawlspace. These are just a few of the reasons people lift their houses, as displayed in this infographic.


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