Why Print Matters

During the last two decades, the Internet has changed and transformed almost every part of our lives. It is true that we currently do most of the things online, but it is also true that this did not make us like traditional ways of doing things less.

For example, reading magazines and newspapers. Print media is a great example of this phenomena. We (56% of us to be precise) still enjoy reading newspapers in print than in digital.

We see print media every day. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs and other sorts of traditional print media are still around meaning that print media continues doing its job. In the age of the Internet, print remains useful for everyone involved: readers, publishers, and advertisers.

In fact, in some cases, and for some specific segments print media simply beats digital. This is particularly true when it comes to feelings, emotions and consumer trust.

So, print does indeed matter and partly out competes digital in the digital age.

Find the exact details of the state of print in the era of the Internet in this data-backed infographic.


Infographic Source: https://cash4toners.com/info/2019/02/10/why-print-matters/

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