Women’s Soccer Map

Does Your College have the Best Women’s Soccer Players?

Over the past 4 years 8 colleges account for 27% of the top women’s soccer players!

We crunched the numbers and found that only EIGHT Div. I colleges have had 27% (108 out of 400) of the top women’s soccer player rankings over the last 4 years. Stanford leads the way with 21 top 100 rankings and Florida State and Penn State are tied for second.

The state of California dominates when it comes to women’s college soccer. And who can blame players for wanting to go to a school in the Golden State! All eight colleges are shown on our map. We also gave an honorable mention to the state of Texas. 21 players in the state made it into the top 100 rankings. Where does your favorite college stand? If you don’t see your favorite college shown, don’t worry…. we’ll update the map soon to include others.


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