Essential Wood Lathe Tools and Accessories For Woodturners

Wood lathe tools and accessories enhance and improve the functionality of your lathe. The problem is that there are so many wood lathe accessories available and most woodworkers who are just getting started with woodturning may not know which ones to purchase.

In this infographic, I’ve compiled a list of the 7 essential wood lathe tools and accessories. With these accessories, you can carry out almost any kind of wood turning project.

  1. Adjustable wood lathe stand: If you own a mini or bench top wood lathe, then an adjustable stand is a must-have. It prevents you from having to curve over to properly angle your cutting tools.
  2. High-speed steel chisels: Your wood lathe is only as effective as your chisels. Wood lathe chisels are used for a variety of tasks, such as shaping, finishing, parting, roughing etc. To keep things simple, I will suggest you go for a HSS chisel set that contains these specific chisels: parting tool, roughing gouge, spindle gouge and skew chisel.
  3. Outside spring calipers:  Outside spring calipers are used to measure the diameter of your work piece. They are an essential tool for wood turners who work with large diameter pieces.
  4. Diamond Hones: Diamond hones are an affordable way to get rid of metal burrs from your chisels.
  5. Four-Jaw Chuck: This is used to hold your work piece securely while you turn it.
  6. Wood lathe tools sharpening system: Sharpening wood turning tools is something you will have to do frequently. It’s difficult to get good results with just a grinder when sharpening wood turning tools. As a result, a more comprehensive sharpening system with jigs is recommended.
  7. Safety power tool switch (For full-size lathes): This provides an easy way to shut down your wood lathe, especially during emergencies.

Essential Wood Lathe Tools and Accessories For Woodturners

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