Workplace Injuries in the UK

This infographic highlights the most dangerous industries to work in in the UK. While injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, understanding where they’re occurring can help us put procedures in place to limit the risk of injury occurring or reduce their severity.

This infographic pulls together five years of UK government data – from 2015 to today – to highlight exactly which industries see the most injuries at work. By highlighting both fatal on non-fatal injuries, plus looking at the most common ways fatal injuries occur, we begin to see where the risks are and which UK employees are most at risk in work. The causes of death figures also throw up some surprising results, while showing there are certain risks which can never truly be eliminated – only minimised.

However, avoidable accidents such as falling from height are the reason for the majority of fatal accidents at work. Stricter enforcement of safety equipment could play a key role in helping to further reduce deaths and make workplaces safer for everyone. Ultimately, this infographic highlights that while we may have made great strides in health and safety in recent decades which have made workers safer than ever, there is still some way to go.

Workplace Injuries in the UK

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