Top 10 Best Practices and Trends in Outsourcing for 2021

In the last decade, outsourcing has grown on a global scale. Advancements in technology and expansion to other countries have allowed the industry to flourish. The new challenge for outsourcing providers is to stand out from the competition and drive more business opportunities. This goal means taking note of new and emerging trends in the industry and adopting best practices to suit these changes.

For this year, some of the emerging outsourcing trends include robotic process automation, social media as a customer service channel, and cloud computing. These trends represent the responses to more sophisticated technologies, such as digital communication platforms, machine learning, and data infrastructure.

Meanwhile, knowledge process outsourcing and staff upskilling have risen as other solutions to technological advancements. These trends allow outsourcing providers to elevate their workforce and remain relevant to evolving demands. To learn more about these outsourcing trends and the best practices for adopting them, continue to the infographic below.

Outsourcing for 2021

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