2021 Engagement Ring Trends


The history of engagement rings can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome. Back in the day, these rings symbolize ownership. Women often wear rings made of ivory, flint, bone, or copper to signify business contracts or affirm mutual love and obedience to their other halves. As time …

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New Car Wash Statistics in 2021


We, or at least the majority of us, in the United States are car aficionados. Car wash and detailing businesses have thrived in the aftermath of the pandemic and are currently among the fastest-growing industries. There is no scarcity of automotive manufacturing or industrial expansion, as projected. This has also …

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Tattoo Statistics & Trends in 2021


Tattoos have infiltrated every cultural background, regardless of man-made barriers. For most people, a tattoo is a source of income, a way of life, or a fashion statement. Since prehistoric times, the tattoo industry has been on a strong development trajectory that appears to be unstoppable. COVID may have slowed …

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Top 10 Best Practices and Trends in Outsourcing for 2021

Outsourcing for 2021

In the last decade, outsourcing has grown on a global scale. Advancements in technology and expansion to other countries have allowed the industry to flourish. The new challenge for outsourcing providers is to stand out from the competition and drive more business opportunities. This goal means taking note of new …

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Unexpected Career Tips from Celebrities [2021 Edition]

Unexpected Career Tips from Celebrities

It is hard to predict the tiny factor that will unexpectedly boost your career. The Unexpected Career Tips from Celebrities infographic we created contains a selection of motivational quotes and ideas. The people who shared these experiences created their unique life paths by changing their lives. They had been stuck, …

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