Search Engine Marketing Trends 2021 – Mid-Year Report

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led businesses worldwide to adjust their operations and adapt to the “new normal” way of conducting activities. They needed to recalibrate their working conditions and keep up with emerging practices to gain some sense of normalcy amid the global health crisis. Many switched to a remote work model to keep the company going, whether they were prepared or not.

Consumers also shifted their behavior as they increased the consumption of all things digital. More and more customers now rely on online searches to find websites that offer what they need. This change in consumer behavior also accelerated mobile device usage, prompting businesses to create mobile-friendly versions of their desktop platforms.

During the first half of 2021, companies started regaining their stance, moving slowly toward recovery despite the pandemic. Enterprises that adapted quickly to new marketing initiatives and implemented digital-driven strategies gained a competitive edge.

One area that witnessed a significant change in the recent year is search engine marketing or SEM. Digital marketers needed to create new campaigns that match the current industry landscape. This year, the trends that gained traction are search advertising, video advertising, and mobile internet advertising. Many are also looking into developing targeted ads that leverage keywords aligned with voice search.

Given this information, it only makes sense why numerous companies outsource digital marketing services from reputable providers. They need a partner that can help them create and deploy SEM campaigns that meet their objectives.

Outsourcing web services as part of the online marketing campaign proves beneficial for companies. It is more cost-effective than having the task done in-house. It also enables enterprises to improve productivity by focusing on more critical business matters while the outside agency handles all the digital marketing tasks.

There are many more SEM trends to know in 2021. And this infographic provided by Digital Marketing Philippines highlights what industry players should know about the matter.


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