CI/CD Pipelines to the Future

Accompanying the tremendous innovation is ever evolving infrastructure that supports its integration. Recently, technology has trended in the direction of fast paced changes and constant updates to applications. To help maintain this pace, many developers had integrated CI/CD pipelines to their code.
CI/CD pipelines, standing for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment, allows developers to automate the time-intensive releases of application updates. By minimizing the amount of time required to deploy new versions of an application, developers can then reallocate it to other areas of application development.

CI/CD pipelines have gained significant traction within recent years as well, with as much as a quarter of all DevOps processes being entirely automated. However, the environment particularly suited for these pipelines is mobile application development. Because mobile applications are produced rapidly and expected to be updated even faster, automation drastically saves time. Furthermore, rapid production of updates will lead to an increase in bugs, however, the time saved by releasing automated updates can be utilized for bug fixing.

Ultimately, CI/CD pipelines have, and will likely continue to, support the rapid technological growth within the application development space. CI/CD could be the pipelines to an technologically-evolved future.

CICD Pipelines to the Future
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