CI/CD Pipelines to the Future

CICD Pipelines to the Future

Accompanying the tremendous innovation is ever evolving infrastructure that supports its integration. Recently, technology has trended in the direction of fast paced changes and constant updates to applications. To help maintain this pace, many developers had integrated CI/CD pipelines to their code. CI/CD pipelines, standing for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, …

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The Future of Generative Marketing and AI

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is a hot topic. Many people remember the movie I-Robot, and that is what they think of initially when they hear AI. However, there have been so many technological advances that there are tasks that AI can help with. Many tasks that are tedious, or costly to …

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Jobs Of The Future


It’s always good to plan for the future. While ultimately the expected can happen, we can use data from the past and present to give a good prediction of the future. Case and point: Executive Placements has made an infographic compiling all their research into discussing the future of work. …

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Why Skilled Freelancing Is The Future And Its Advantages


Despite the adverse economic conditions last year, skilled freelancers are an economic force. Good for the economy Skilled independent workers are estimated to have earned $234 billion in revenue in 2020, up from nearly $229 billion in 2018, the latest year for which data are available. This revenue comprises around …

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How VR Will Improve the Online Gaming Industry in the Future


Technological inventions over the years have improved our lives dramatically, creating multiple ways to live faster, better, and more organised than ever before, with information and entertainment at our fingertips. One of the fastest growing and most progressive areas is Virtual Reality, particularly in the area of online gaming. Virtual …

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The Future of Education


Education has significantly changed for the last two centuries. It has never been so varied, international and affordable. Contemporary world faces opportunities it’s never had before. However, we still may observe some limits and shortcomings of current education system. There are some aspects which need changes. Look, we still have …

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