The Future of Generative Marketing and AI

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is a hot topic. Many people remember the movie I-Robot, and that is what they think of initially when they hear AI. However, there have been so many technological advances that there are tasks that AI can help with. Many tasks that are tedious, or costly to hire for, can now be done with AI.

One example is generative marketing. With this type of marketing, the goal is to teach what content is expected by providing examples. The AI technology then creates marketing campaigns based on the examples that were provided. As it learns what marketing campaigns work and are liked it can adjust.

Currently 77% of companies are using or exploring the use of AI. PArt of this 77% does include generative marketing. Through the use of generative marketing companies in industries such as retail, legal, finance, automotive, and pharmacy can focus on their work and ensure their marketing needs are met.

It seems the future of marketing is moving towards AI, and as more companies begin using it, the more advances in this field that will be made.

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing

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