The Future of Education

Education has significantly changed for the last two centuries. It has never been so varied, international and affordable. Contemporary world faces opportunities it’s never had before. However, we still may observe some limits and shortcomings of current education system. There are some aspects which need changes. Look, we still have students going to physical building, sitting there for about 6 hours a day and listening to professors. To some extent, it does bring certain results, but more and more people see this learning approach irrational and unproductive for new era of ongoing transformations.

With the rise of EdTech in the classroom and development of distant learning, students will have more freedom and flexibility in how they acquire knowledge. Physical presence at school won’t be a necessity anymore and students will be able to learn wherever they are. Future is almost here, and we should be ready to accept it. The infographic below explains how the future will transform education and how we will change along with it.

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