Knocking The Doors To Collaborative Robots Safety Levels!

The Collaborative Robots safety level standards are issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as ISO/TS 15066. These safety standards throw light on the maximum levels of force a cobot will apply when it is brought in contact with a human touch. In the term ISO/TS- the letters TS is added because it is not yet approved as a standard, but is considered as a Technical Specification. It takes approximately three years for the entire standard development process to complete.

The process of setting up collaborative robots market standards is done step-wise in an orderly manner. The first step is the new work proposal. Then an expert consensus is made by the technical committee. Then the production of ISO/TS is done. The ISO/TS 15066 is at present in this stage. After the necessary changes are completed and are forwarded to the Draft International Standard. Later on, the text in its final state of completion is submitted to start the processing stage. Then the formal vote of the standard is done. It is used to decide whether the technical specifications can be changed to ISO standard. Thus, the standard’s final publication is done and the process is completed.


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