A Guide to Safety in the Office


In today’s fast-paced world, employees are constantly in motion and there is no stopping as any time at all. This can lead to workstations that are ergonomically unsafe, not being able to lock down a computer, or hear someone fall while moving around on the floor. Safety is not just …

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Winter Safety Tips: How To Protect Your Home


Winters are coming; as the weather changes, it brings rain, sleet, and snow with it. In this dreary weather, we must prepare to keep ourselves and our homes safe. Last winter, a strong gale shattered a window in my attic! We watched in horror as rain poured in from the …

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Knocking The Doors To Collaborative Robots Safety Levels!


The Collaborative Robots safety level standards are issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as ISO/TS 15066. These safety standards throw light on the maximum levels of force a cobot will apply when it is brought in contact with a human touch. In the term ISO/TS- the letters TS …

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Parenting and Proper Use of Internet Access For Safety Of Kids


What else can you do as a parent? You can not blame the internet spread in our society. It used for most people in communicating with others, easy navigating location, gaming, and daily browsing. Most schools recommend internet access for educational purposes. It’s a helpful tool for global population towards …

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Ten Travel Safety Tips Every Executive Should Know


Traveling allows an executive to expand his business, but no trip is danger-free. Executives have tight and hectic schedules that compromise their health and safety in various ways and even more when in another country. Technology might help in ensuring safety since with it you can plan and schedule appointments, …

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Why Safety Driving Is Mandatory on The Road


Traffic accidents are bothering when you meet them on the road. Your driving skills reflect you while behind the wheel. Practicing safety driving is an ideal way to stay away from danger. From the years past, most car features are innovative. The progress of car mobility has become popular with …

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Health & Safety at Work: How to Stay Safe


There is a lot to consider when you go into work every day. From checking through your tasks for the day and making sure that you’re meeting tight deadlines, to ensuring that everyone on your team is on track and up to date with everything, you have so much to …

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