A Guide to Safety in the Office

In today’s fast-paced world, employees are constantly in motion and there is no stopping as any time at all. This can lead to workstations that are ergonomically unsafe, not being able to lock down a computer, or hear someone fall while moving around on the floor. Safety is not just something we do in case of accidents but also to keep everyone in their place, wary of potential danger — this includes wandering eyes and fingers.

Workstation ergonomics is critical to maintaining safe operation and safety of your employees. Ergonomics refers to the application of principles of human physiology and the science of design to achieve and maintain safe, healthy and effective working environments. Without this, workplace accidents can increase and cause workers to become more fatigued which may lead to a further increase in accidents.

Slip and fall, Workstation ergonomics, and safety hazards can be a part of your everyday office environment. The latter three cause more injuries than true fire hazards do. However, if you look at all these issues as a team and engage in creative solutions, then you can improve the office environment significantly.

In this infographic we will discuss Top 4 overlooked office safety hazard, which is workstation ergonomics in details with some effective tips to reduce workplace risks. As well as give solutions on how to approach each of these issue through various “ways” that are solutions for improving overall office hygiene without investing too much time or money!




Infographic Source: https://safetyculture.com/topics/office-safety/infographic/

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