The Force is Female: Why Women are Returning to the Office

Why Women are Returning to the Office

In the wake of the pandemic, nearly 2 million women disappeared from the workforce. However, research is now showing that the pandemic’s secession is beginning to fade, with nearly 80 million women active in the U.S. workforce as of March of this year. Millions of industries across the country are …

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A Guide to Safety in the Office


In today’s fast-paced world, employees are constantly in motion and there is no stopping as any time at all. This can lead to workstations that are ergonomically unsafe, not being able to lock down a computer, or hear someone fall while moving around on the floor. Safety is not just …

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30 Ways to Green Your Office Space


Nowadays, we all understand the effects of global warming and everyone wants to make a difference to help the environment. However, sometimes we lose focus, sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Not to fear, because there’s loads of ways to save the world that you might not …

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History Of Communication


Office communications in today’s world would be incomplete without an Internet connection, a computer and a smartphone. High speed Internet and SIP trunking, the kinds of business services offered at ThinkTel today, would have been replaced with the telegraph and pneumatic tube networks in the early 1850s. While we might …

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