The Force is Female: Why Women are Returning to the Office

In the wake of the pandemic, nearly 2 million women disappeared from the workforce. However, research is now showing that the pandemic’s secession is beginning to fade, with nearly 80 million women active in the U.S. workforce as of March of this year. Millions of industries across the country are staffed by women, dominating many teaching or nursing roles. Despite this growth, there are still barriers that many women are facing that may prevent them from taking steps back towards the office.

Ageism is a large issue in the workplace, as is the burden of care giving responsibilities. Many women have no choice but to stay home, as they are the primary caregiver for children or other loved ones. A lack of confidence may also be a barrier, as some feel insecure in their ability to work, while others feel insecure in their appearance, not wanting to be seen in an office setting.

Luckily, there are many services and initiatives that are now present to support women in their return to the office. Professional mentorship is much more accessible now, as is the opportunity for women to pursue hybrid roles. Many women are simply reinvesting in themselves, oftentimes through cosmetic surgery. “Mommy makeovers” are becoming destigmatized, encouraging women to feel confident in their own skin even after natural signs of aging.

Research shows that these types of surgery may have contributed to nearly 1 million more mothers working in December of 2022 than in 2021. All women deserve to feel confident about their return to work, which is why there are so many resources that are paving the way to achieving that goal.Why Women are Returning to the Office
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Force is Female
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