Gyms Still Closed? Here Are 11 Exercises to Stay Fit at Home

The pandemic may have caused gyms to close, but that shouldn’t discourage us from staying fit and healthy. Maintaining good health is something we should always pay attention to, as it allows us to stay productive and deal with things with the proper perspective. It also enables us to retain a sense of control, especially during these times of uncertainty. The fatigue triggered by the pandemic may have caused many of us to lose some motivation to exercise.

However, it helps to remember that even a small amount of physical activity can significantly impact how well you think and feel. This is because exercise is a powerful tool for staying physically and mentally healthy – and you can reap the rewards while staying at home.

The following infographic from GoRewards Philippines contains workout at home ideas during this pandemic, including exercise equipment you can use to stay active and healthy during this quarantine!

Check it out.

Exercises to Stay Fit at Home
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