How to Boost Your Ranking in Google

The most important factors to consider when you’re trying to rank one of your web pages, articles or posts in Google are you on site or on page search engine factors.

You’re on page factors are by far the most important and will give you the most bang for your buck if you’re trying to rank on the first page of Google.

To rank well in Google and beat the competition, you have to keep the following factors in mind.

Make sure you include in your title tags and your target keywords. Also, position your primary keyword in the first paragraph and even make it bold.

Be sure to include 102 outbound links to authority website. Google notices The company you keep, and so it’s a great idea to keep yourself in the best company possible.

Your meta descriptions appear in Google search results and are the first thing after the heading people are likely to read. Make sure they are click-worthy and interesting to the reader as well as containing your most important key phrase.

Also be sure to put your keyword in the URL itself. The keyword should also be in your alt tags in images. Google tends to appreciate long, well-written content. So it goes without saying that one of your most important on page SEO task is to write original and engaging content.

One more tip. Be sure to link internally to other important pages on your site. Google recognizes and internal link as a back link to a page you consider just as important, if not more important. Therefore use your internal links to typically 2.2 your most important pages and avoid keyword cannibalization.

Whenever I start a new web page, I follow the simple 8 step plan for making sure the page is optimized to rank well on the first page of Google. Follow the infographic guide, and half the work of ranking in Google is already done.


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