The Most Searched Type Of Jewellry On Google

Most Searched Type Of Jewellry On Google

The infographic below contains information we have sourced from the Google Search Engines Results pages. Using analytics, we have managed to capture the number of searches made in a single sample month, for differing types of jewellery pieces. Since we are primarily interested in diamonds, we have then extrapolated the …

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The Most Searched Types of Furniture on Google


We like to keep a close eye on what’s happening in the world of furniture here at Maple Furniture. So, we recently conducted some research into which types of furniture are being searched for online, ranging from the highest number of searches to the lowest in the UK. The results …

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How to Boost Your Ranking in Google


The most important factors to consider when you’re trying to rank one of your web pages, articles or posts in Google are you on site or on page search engine factors. You’re on page factors are by far the most important and will give you the most bang for your …

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