The Most Searched Types of Furniture on Google

We like to keep a close eye on what’s happening in the world of furniture here at Maple Furniture. So, we recently conducted some research into which types of furniture are being searched for online, ranging from the highest number of searches to the lowest in the UK.

The results are in, and can be seen in this infographic. Here are the headlines.

The most searched types of furniture were wardrobes at 11.3%, and bedside tables at 9.8%.

Grey was the most searched sofa colour, with 49,500 searches.

Only 3% of the total number of sofa searches were for brown sofas.

Red was the least searched sofa color.

Grey has been a hot interior design trend in recent years, and these results show us that the trend shows no signs of abating just yet. After all, grey is a neutral shade which can be complemented by a wide range of other colors.

But the revelation that only 3.9% of sofa searches were for brown sofas came as a surprise. Historically, brown has been an extremely popular colour choice — perhaps because leather used to be difficult and very expensive to dye. These days, consumers have many more options to select from when it comes to furniture colours.

*Figures have been rounded up or down to the nearest 100.


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