The Most Searched Type Of Jewellry On Google

The infographic below contains information we have sourced from the Google Search Engines Results pages. Using analytics, we have managed to capture the number of searches made in a single sample month, for differing types of jewellery pieces. Since we are primarily interested in diamonds, we have then extrapolated the relevant information for gold and diamond jewellery proportionately.

Here are our results expressed in graphic form.

Immediately, we can tell engagement rings and rings are two of the most common searches. It is telling that 200,000 people searched for rings, but only 49,000 of those were diamond and 40,000 gold. 101,000 searches for rings in the sample month were therefore made for rings of other materials. Roughly half of all ring sales are either diamond or gold.

This same massive difference is repeated in that top category. With 300,000 searches for engagement rings taking place, only 18k of those were diamond rings, and 12k were gold rings. That means we are searching either for generic rings or for rings of other materials or gemstones. There are only 30,000 rings of gold and silver searched for, but there are 300,000 total. This means that only one tenth of all engagement ring searches are for either diamond or gold rings.

Notice this trend recurring in the eternity ring category. While 60,000 searches were made, only 15,000 were for gold jewellery against 7,000 for diamond. This leaves some 38,000 searches for eternity rings that were neither gold or diamond, or when the differentiation didn’t matter to the user.

Most Searched Type Of Jewellry On Google

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