How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh when Travelling

Long haul flights are bitter-sweet for most vacationers. Your skin starts to get tired, dull and dry. Unbeknown to many travelers, airline cabin can be harsh to your skin. It is because the normal humidity inside which is 20-30%, is way below the average 30-70% humidity on land. This causes the air to suck out the moisture inside your skin.

With the recycled and pressurized air inside the cabin, the skin works extra hard to keep its moisture and glow. The skin also fights the free radicals from the air and the x-ray scans at the airport. Not to mention, the interior finishes of the cabin can be unsanitary to cause skin infection or pimples.

To give you tips on how to keep your skin look fresh and vibrant as you enjoy your vacation, SkinCell, a leading dermatology clinic in Manila sums up the practical and easy skincare tips on this infographic.


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