Fact Check: Do You Have Dehydrated Skin


Beauty starts with a smooth and glowing skin. However, this can be a problem especially when you are dealing with dehydrated skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Definitely, it requires the right amount of attention and …

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12 Foods to Keep Off Your Plate for Skin Health


Are you eating the right food for skin health? For the longest time, you have been very much aware that the foods you eat have a tremendous impact on your body. And for now, you must have already identified the …

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What Your Acne is Telling You


Have you experienced dealing with acne problem sometime in your life? For many, acne is a natural occurrence that comes as a part of growing up. During puberty or even in adulthood, this skin condition is no longer considered unusual …

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How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh when Travelling


Long haul flights are bitter-sweet for most vacationers. Your skin starts to get tired, dull and dry. Unbeknown to many travelers, airline cabin can be harsh to your skin. It is because the normal humidity inside which is 20-30%, is …

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