What is Retinol: How and Why You Should Use It on Your Skin

Scarring, acne spots, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots are just some of the skin conditions that appear on the face with age and constant sun exposure. However, these are nothing to be embarrassed about. But as normal as these spots are to experience, you should not ignore these skin problems and their damage to your skin.

Now, when we say damage, we don’t mean anything permanent. Thankfully, there are skincare ingredients that can help bring the skin back to its former glory, and retinol is one of them.

Retinol is a strong and effective acid used in many skincare products. It gently exfoliates the skin’s topmost layer, forces it to go through its cycle, and reveals the young and supple skin underneath. The great thing about retinol is that its effects are quick and visible. By exfoliating the old skin on top, retinol also pushes out pigmentation, so sunspots, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars fade with regular use.

We’ve created an infographic to give you more information about this powerful ingredient. This will serve as a visual guide for retinol use and will explain what it is and why you should use it.

Check it out here!

What is Retinol

Retinol Myths and Facts

What Does Retinol Do

Infographic Source: https://www.kiehls.com.ph/blog/what-is-retinol-how-and-why-you-should-use-it-on-your-skin/

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