Lawyers Vs. The Entire Us Population

Are you considering law school or are you graduating soon and ready to open up your own law firm? The lawyer/attorney profession is a truly competitive market, this in itself is not news. The law landscape continues to evolve and the most recent data from the ABA is out. It bears thought to check out the statistics before setting up shop in your state.

These figures have inspired the creation of an infographic US Map with state-by-state totals of lawyers vs the population. The data is collected from each respective state’s bar association and includes resident and active attorneys. States are color-coded by attorney per capita density.  You might be surprised to see just where the saturation is.

Would you think that tiny Massachusetts would outnumber giant Texas? Interestingly enough, the highest concentration in the nation is not captured on the map. Why not, you ask… The District of Columbia is not actually an official STATE.  It is considered a FEDERAL DISTRICT and therefore does not show up on most state statistics lists. If you COULD see the numbers for D.C. you would be floored. They sport 774 lawyers per 10,000 people – over 8 times the number you will see for New York. See how your state measures up, check out the figures below.


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