Credit Scores in the US


Every year, millions of Americans apply for loans to buy a home, finance a car, pay for education, and start businesses. Unfortunately, 30% of those same Americans may struggle with fair to poor credit. Credit scores can play a large role in determining eligibility for a loan. Those with excellent …

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Personal Injury Statistics in the US


Have you been the victim of a personal injury incident? If so, you’re likely wondering what your next steps are. Personal injuries are one of the leading causes of lawsuits in the United States, but it’s important to know what options are available to you before you proceed. Do you …

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US to UK men’s clothing translation


Have you ever wondered why a British gentleman would never be seen dead in a pair of suspenders, or why they tend to blush when you pay a compliment to their new brand new pair of pants? You might think that America isn’t all that different to its cousin across …

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Kitchen Manufacturing Industry Stats in the US and UK


You may think that the kitchen manufacturing industry is a niche market with very little going on. In fact, it a massive industry both in America and Great Britain. In the US the kitchen industry is worth $16 billion per year. More than 10,000 companies are involved in making kitchen …

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Lawyers Vs. The Entire Us Population


Are you considering law school or are you graduating soon and ready to open up your own law firm? The lawyer/attorney profession is a truly competitive market, this in itself is not news. The law landscape continues to evolve and the most recent data from the ABA is out. It …

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