Retirement Statistics, Trends, and Facts from Around the World

An increasing number of retirees and older people are on the rise worldwide. Naturally, the idea of retirement connotes the conclusion of one’s professional life. Retiring means they’ve finished their employment with their employer and are now ready to enjoy their worry-free life. It’s a time to unwind and do whatever you choose.

Although retirement is meant to be a time to relax and enjoy life, many retirees find it difficult to plan for it. Investopedia talks about the recommended amount of savings by age. Fair warning, it can be a larger amount than you anticipated.

How much your retirement expenses will be will depend on several factors. Without retirement planning, some costs, like healthcare and other unforeseen ones, could be more challenging to manage.

The earlier you save, the bigger your chances of achieving your retirement objectives. Check out the infographic guide below to learn more about the numbers and facts on retirement.

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