Retirement Statistics, Trends, and Facts from Around the World


An increasing number of retirees and older people are on the rise worldwide. Naturally, the idea of retirement connotes the conclusion of one’s professional life. Retiring means they’ve finished their employment with their employer and are now ready to enjoy their worry-free life. It’s a time to unwind and do …

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7 Great Marathons From Around the World

7 great marathons from around the world

Seasoned runner or first-timer, take on a marathon and you’re in an elite club. 26 miles, 385 yards of sheer endurance. Marathon running is the ultimate test of stamina. Athletes train for months just to compete in a race, let alone finish one. Your mental and physical boundaries will be …

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Top 10 Excelling Steel Producing Companies In The World

Top 10 Excelling Steel Producing Companies In The World

Because of the superior durability, longevity and affordability offered by steel, it has become the top choice of building material for most any construction project. And with the demand for this material being so high, it is imperative that it is continuously being produced. But no matter how much steel …

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Travelling the world by wheelchair


In a recent article, UK stairlift provider Handicare spoke about the struggles those in a wheelchair face when planning to travel, abroad or just in the UK. They examined some of the world’s top holiday locations and examined the state of their accessibility. Delving into more detail about accessibility factors …

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What is the best tourist attraction in the world?


Have you ever wondered which tourist attraction is the best in the world? Comparing a range of factors across 25 of the world’s top tourist attractions, UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise have determined which tourist attraction comes head and shoulders above the rest. The cruise company looked at each attractions’ …

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Phrases from across the world


Phrases from across the world is the most recent infographic from UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise who offer cruising experience across the globe. Featuring phrases from around the world, including offerings from Russia, The Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom, there is a phrase almost everyone should know and enjoy. …

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How much does it cost to travel the world?


How much does it cost to travel the world?’ is the new infographic from ROL Cruise that explores the true cost of the basics of travel around the globe. Looking region by region, we find out the average daily price of food, accommodation and entertainment. A great guide for travelling. …

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The ultimate guide to beer around the world


A brand-new infographic from ROL Cruise illustrates seven of the best beer producing (and drinking) countries around the globe. Perfect for keen travellers and keen beer drinkers. Titled ‘The ultimate guide to beer around the world’, the infographic travels the world exploring a range of brews and their home countries. …

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Travel the world in 8 cheeses


All around the world, it is possible to find variations of the same food that are drastically different. This infographic by ROL Cruise, the UK’s No.1 independent cruise specialist explores 8 cheese from around the world that are all very different. Looking at everything from mozzarella in Italy to paneer …

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Finding Peace and Calm in a Chaotic World


Today’s fast-paced world has required mankind to work faster and do more within the limited hours of the day. Responsibilities with work or school, family life, socialization with friends and colleagues, building skill sets, taking care of physical health, hobbies and interests — there’s only so much that one can …

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10 Largest Container Carriers in the World


In this world which is called ‘a global village’, each country is endeavoring to reach the zenith of economic prosperity by increasing trade with the rest of the world. To make it happen, container ships are used as the most economical means of importing and exporting goods. These ships can …

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