The ultimate guide to beer around the world

A brand-new infographic from ROL Cruise illustrates seven of the best beer producing (and drinking) countries around the globe. Perfect for keen travellers and keen beer drinkers. Titled ‘The ultimate guide to beer around the world’, the infographic travels the world exploring a range of brews and their home countries.

Including light beer in China, bock in Germany, Pilsner in the Czech Republic, craft beer in Canada, Belgian-style ale in Belgium, stout in Ireland and cerveza in Mexico, every kind of beer lover is sure to find a brew they love here. What’s more, the infographic also features some

fascinating facts about each brew that will surprise even the biggest beer buffs.

The accompanying article – The ultimate guide to beer around the world – get’s a range of travel bloggers to recount their experiences with beer around the world and makes for an incredibly interesting read. Sure to inspire you to book you next beer cruise around the world.


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