Travel the world in 8 cheeses

All around the world, it is possible to find variations of the same food that are drastically different. This infographic by ROL Cruise, the UK’s No.1 independent cruise specialist explores 8 cheese from around the world that are all very different. Looking at everything from mozzarella in Italy to paneer in India, this infographic just goes to show how important location can be when it comes to flavour an innovation.

Loaded with bright visuals, interesting facts and other great tips, the 8 kinds of cheese featured in this infographic are: Sakura cheese from Japan, paneer from India, halloumi from Greece, mozzarella from Italy, Roquefort from France, Jarlsberg from Norway, cheese curds from North America and queso fresco from Mexico.

The accompanying article features quotes from foodies local to each region and finds out more about each cheese and its importance in a nation’s culture, as well as the best way to eat it!

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