The Need for Identity Certainty in Travel in a Post-COVID World

Need for Identity Certainty in Travel in a Post-COVID World

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and shared living sectors were some of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy today. As governments implemented travel restrictions, physical distancing, and limited social gathering mandates, it has resulted in airlines, hotels, and room …

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Top Travel Destinations for Couples 50+


If you can go wherever you want to with no worries on your shoulders, where would you go? Couples in their 50s have everything they need to go on traveling. After years of hard work, it is finally time to …

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Travel the world in 8 cheeses


All around the world, it is possible to find variations of the same food that are drastically different. This infographic by ROL Cruise, the UK’s No.1 independent cruise specialist explores 8 cheese from around the world that are all very …

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Ten Travel Safety Tips Every Executive Should Know


Traveling allows an executive to expand his business, but no trip is danger-free. Executives have tight and hectic schedules that compromise their health and safety in various ways and even more when in another country. Technology might help in ensuring …

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