Women in Travel: How to Protect Yourself When Traveling for Work

Business travels possess different risks to every traveler, especially women, and it won’t hurt to be proactive regarding these. Being aware of any hazards that threaten women does not translate to being inferior to men, but it means that you’re smart and prepared.

There are various pointers to consider to reduce risks in business travels, including not disclosing that you’re alone, researching the destination, and learning self-defense.

Business travels have nondisclosure agreements associated with them to keep any confidential information regarding the trip from spreading. Following the contract can keep you from harm as the only ones who’ll know about the trip are you and your business associates.

Researching your destination minimizes the chances of you getting lost or going against the local culture, preventing dangerous occurrences when the locals get offended by your actions.

Learning self-defense is a bit of common advice given to women to protect themselves from attackers. The impression that a woman is exceptionally vulnerable to assailants of any kind can change if she can defend herself.

There are other pointers every woman in business travels must follow to ensure safety in the field, and Hyryde’s infographic gives more information about them.


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