The Top 10 UNESCO World-Heritage Sites in Iran

There certainly is more to Iran than just being the 2nd largest country in the Middle East and the 4th largest oil reserve in the world. The Islamic Republic is also home to 21 of the world heritage sites registered by UNESCO. And as the country’s tourism is now at its peak and with sanctions against Iran lifted, there is also a growing curiosity among luxury travellers. In a few years, this Middle Eastern country can become the next luxury travel destination to beat.

Backed with a colorful culture and rich historical background as being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Iran boasts of natural and man-made structures that meet UNESCO’s criteria in determining world heritage sites.

Iran has a lot of world-class attractions to offer for all types of travelers. Whether one is hoping to find spectacular and natural sites or awe-amazing man-made structures, Iran is the place to be. Visit the place and aside from its beautiful people, you won’t run out of great places to explore and these range from bazaars, mosques, palaces and other historical remnants that add mystery and beauty to the already mesmerizing destination.

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This infographic features the updated list of world heritage sites in the beautiful and interesting country of Iran, that should be included in the itinerary of the people who are planning to travel to the country and for travelers who are looking for the most beautiful spots in the world.


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