Tips to improve your local SEO

Local SEO plays a pivotal role in the success of a small business. Especially now, where so many businesses closed their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. With that in mind, we wish to explore some tactics that will help you improve your local SEO and strengthen your company.

Invest in SEO

Seo Process

To run a successful business, it is crucial to understand the importance of investing in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the doorway towards getting more customers.

The reason why we want to underline the importance of it is that you need to commit to it 100%. When we say to invest in SEO, we don’t just mean your money. That also includes time, energy, and effort.

If you shift your entire focus towards improving your local SEO, the results will be rewarding. Be committed!

Keep your business information updated

Now that we have hopefully managed to motivate you, let’s talk business. First of all, keep your customers updated with all the changes regarding your business information. That includes your current website, phone number, address, company name, etc.

The best way to do this is with the help of Google My Business. By creating a GMB account for your company, you are making the first step toward improving local SEO.

Furthermore, you want to update all the local listings with your business information. Be present, make yourself available.

A good way to check if your business is properly listed is to Google your keywords with your desired location. See if your company shows up in the search results. If not, that is a clear sign you must work hard to improve your local SEO.

Strengthen your business with the help of your loyal customers

Do not shy away from reaching out to your loyal customers and asking for an honest review or recommendation. Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement, so use it to your benefit.

Many business owners choose not to do this because they fear they might be too invasive and scare away their customers. However, as long as you do this with taste, the results will be worthwhile.

When you serve a happy customer, engage in a short conversation, and use the opportunity to ask them to help you promote your business by leaving a review. There is also the option of including a survey for all online purchases, and making it a requirement. This way, you don’t have to ask your customers to do it, but have in mind that this can be a double-edged sword. An unsatisfied customer will gladly use this opportunity to assign blame. Consequently, a personal approach is a better solution. Even if the customer is not satisfied, you can communicate and fix the issue on the spot, thus avoiding a bad review.

Communicate with your local customers through blog posts

Running a creative blog about your business is a good way to let locals know how you run your business. You will engage customers in a conversation about different topics, and at the same time, keep them informed about a subject of interest.

Social media is your ally

Social media platforms have taken over all other channels for running an online business. They are the best way to promote your business on a local level and get in touch with customers.

Another reason why social media platforms are beneficial is that they can educate you on statistics important for your business. You can easily learn plenty of information about your targeted groups of customers, such as:

  •  age range and gender
  • main interests
  • the time range when the activity on social media is at its peak
  • which devices customers use to browse social media platforms

You can use the gathered information to better promote your business and improve your local SEO.

Another thing to have in mind is that one social media account may be performing better than others. If that is the case, focus on the one and ditch the others. Do not waste time on mediocre results.

Become mobile-friendly

The use of mobile phones to browse the Internet is widespread. If your website is not optimized for a mobile phone, you are likely to lose customers.

The goal of having a strong local clientele is to have a constant flow of loyal customers. If they are going to browse your services on a daily basis, you must make their user experience pleasant and smooth.

Use digital marketing to improve your local SEO

There is no better way to improve your local SEO than to hire professionals to help you. Just like moving companies can benefit from the help of experts at Movers Development, so can your local business profit from a viable marketing strategy.

Depending on the nature and needs of your business, you can use citations to promote your company, hire professionals to build and maintain a blog website, build quality backlinks, and advertise your business in the most effective way.

Become a customer in order to attract customers

It’s no secret that valuable content sells at a high price. If your goal is to improve your local SEO and get more customers, you must understand their needs and spending habits, as well as what they are interested in.

With that in mind, create content that focuses on local news and current stories. This is the best way to publish fresh posts and keep your customers entertained, while also promoting your business in the process.

Be specific about local keywords

Having unique keywords is the road to success. Research your competitors and make sure that you do not duplicate the keywords they use. It is a difficult process, so reaching out to professionals might be the best course of action.

Remember what we said at the beginning: invest 100% of your resources into building and improving your local SEO.

Tips to improve your local SEO – delivered

Understand that the process of improving your local SEO is not an easy one. It requires a lot of work, patience, and dedication. However, the results are very rewarding, and this is the best strategy to keep your business running and push it forward. We wish you a lot of luck in expanding your local business!

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